Privacy-aspecten, ethiek en publieke opinie

Ethics in Transnational Forensic DNA Data Exchange in the EU: Constructing Boundaries and Managing Controversies
Auteurs: Helena Machado and Rafaela Granja 

Silent witness, articulate collective: DNA evidence and the inference of visible traits
Auteur: Amade M'charek
Bron: Bioethics Volume 22 Number 9 2008 pp 519–528 
Uitgeverij: International Association of Bioethics

Genetic Suspects. Global Governance of Forensic DNA Profiling and Databasing
Auteur: Richard Hindmarsh and Barbara Prainsack (2010) 
Uitgeverij: Cambridge University Press

The future of forensic bioinformation
Auteur: Carole McCartney, Robin Williams and Tim Wilson (2010) 
Uitgeverij: Nuffield Foundation

The Prüm Regime: Situated Dis/Empowerment in Transnational DNA Profile Exchange
Auteur: Victor Toom en Barbara Prainsack 
Bron: Br J Criminol (2010) 50 (6): 1117-1135

Dragers van Waarheid Normatieve aspecten van twintig jaar forensisch DNA-onderzoek in Nederland
Auteur: Victor Toom 

Transnational Exchange of Forensic DNA: Viability, Legitimacy, and Acceptabily
Auteurs: Carole I. McCartney, Tim J. Wilson & Robin Williams 
Bron: Eur J Crim Policy Res (2011) 17(4), 305-322

Forensic DNA databases in England and the Netherlands: governance, structure and performance compared
Auteur: Victor Toom 
Bron: New Genetics and Society (2012) 31(3), 311-322

The Future of Forensic Bioinformation

The National DNA Database Ethics Group (UK)

ASLME Project: DNA Fingerprinting and Civil Liberties

Forensic DNA databasing in Portugal - contemporary issues in ethics, practices and policy

Performing the Union: The Prüm Decision and the European dream
Auteur: Barbara Prainsack en Victor Toom 
Bron: Prepublication uit: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences doi:10.1016/j.shpsc.2012.09.009

European Network for the Social Studies of Forensics (EUnetSSF) website

Forensic Genetics Policy Initiative website

Technological Innovations in Forensic genetics: Social, Legal and Ethical Aspects
Auteur: Matthias Wienroth, Niels Morling and Robin Williams 
Bron: Recent Advances In DNA and gene sequences (2014) 8, 98-103

Website Exchange project

Ethical dimensions of Next generation Sequencing

Criminal Justice and Global Public Goods. The Prum Forensic Biometric Cooperation Model
Auteurs: Tim J. Wilson 
Bron: Journal of Criminal Law (2016) Vol 80(5) 303-326

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